Mimi Matisse, Founder of Book Party TV Show

Hello! My name is Mimi Matisse and I am the founder of the Book Party TV Show!

I wanted to create a platform where young adults could discuss their favorite book of the moment with other enthusiastic readers on a filmed discussion panel in a lively unrehearsed way on my TV show called Book Party! I also wanted to get the conversation going among youth and their families.

I started my focus in my hometown of Groton, MA with the middle and high schools and am now actively seeking to collaborate with other town's Librarians and Language Arts teachers in public schools.

SIGN UP/CREATE YOUR OWN Panel Discussion...

SIGN UP for a 25-min show with 3-4 other youth to discuss and answer questions about a favorite book of the moment.

If you have a book idea that is not listed on the sign up sheet, click "Sign Up" on the section that says YOU TELL ME, click Submit and Sign Up, then ADD THE BOOK TITLE in the comments field. You can also email me and I will add it to the list so others can join your panel and the Book Party!

Mimi Matisse
email: mimimatisse@mac.com