Check out some of the past Book Parties we've hosted with lively discussions by passionate middle school and high school young adults with great insights. These youth are excited about their favorite book of the moment! "The Song of Achilles", "Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets", "Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone", "Out of My Mind", "Twilight", "The Hunger Games"


Want to join a Book Party panel (3-4 youth each) and discuss a book with other enthusiastic readers on a 25 min spontaneous show? Click the Join/Create A Panel button and either join a panel or create your own. Bring two colorful drawings of two special moments that really touched you in the book and be able to explain why. Plus eat pizza and get prizes. It's a party!


Are you a middle school or high school age young adult with a specific favorite book of the moment and would like to discuss it with a few others? You can either join an existing panel or create your own panel. Or are you a Language Arts teacher or Librarian with interested youth that want to discuss various types of books?
I'd love to hear from you!

Since 1993


Hello! My name is Mimi Matisse and I am the founder of the Book Party!

I wanted to create a platform where young adults could discuss their favorite book of the moment with other enthusiastic readers on a filmed discussion panel in a lively spontaneous way on my TV show called Book Party! I also wanted to get the conversation going among youth and their families.

I started my focus in my hometown of Groton, MA with the middle and high schools and am now actively seeking to collaborate with other town's Librarians and Language Arts teachers in public schools.

A young Mimi reading to her family
A young Mimi reading to her family